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Proprietors Oliver and Joseph, with the participation of the chef Damien, are proud to open the new restaurant 

The Slanted Door”.

Many specialties will be on the menu with the focus particularly on locally sourced food of prime quality. The wines are their pride and joy. This comprehensive list consists of Champagne Grand Cru as entry level and Grandes Marques as well.

The Nytimber Classic Cuvee of the English estate is considered as being the best and a great challenger to Champagne.


We have issued a wine bar list of the most exciting wines such as Vermentino-Viognier, Chenin-Viognier for the whites and for the reds Argentinian Malbec and Pinotage De Plevaux.

A very fine wine list is provided in the restaurant originating from the most well known estates in France and for the lover of Italian wines ask for Greco di Tufo or Amarone Classico.

Numerous wines from the New World have been selected to please the new World Wine drinker.


We are very confident that all these exclusive wines will be appreciated for their taste and origin, and will company our selected menu.

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